I am having a VMWare Lab running on VMWare Workstation. The Lab is having 2 ESXi instances and vCenter is running on top of one of the ESXi. Datastore is iSCSI connected to a Windows Server 2019 running also on VMWare Workstation.

Recently vCenter has been experiencing some issues with the Datastore and was refusing to initiate with the following error – [FAILED] Failed to start File System Check on /dev/vg_root_0/lv_root_0

Step one: Solve the issue

In order to solve this issue, you can run these commands:


Here is the output of the command, the path that needs to be repaired is underlined.

To confirm the issue run this command:

#systemctl status systemd-fsck-root

And finally to fix it run the command:

#fsck -y /dev/mapper/vg_root_0-lv_root_0

After that, reboot vCenter and it should start without any problems.


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